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The non-mathematician is seized by a mysterious shuddering when he hears of “four
dimensional” things, by a feeling not unlike that awakened by thoughts of the occult.
And yet there is no more commonplace statement than that the world in which we live is
a four-dimensional continuum.
—Albert Einstein

Consciousness is a continuum extending from physical wakefulness through
progressive states of awareness into nonphysical areas of the universe existing far
beyond our current scientific vision. This continuum of consciousness is as large
and diverse as the universe itself; each time we “fall” to sleep we are shifting our
awareness inwardly within the continuum. Each dream, meditation, and hypnosis
session is a partial glimpse into our personal continuum of consciousness. Our
recognition of this is a major step forward in our evolution.It’s only natural that first we
must explore the different states of consciousness experienced during
sleep, meditation, and lucid dreams before we can begin to recognize that these
states of awareness are linked by a common flow of consciousness. All states of
awareness are connected; even death is the movement of consciousness from one
area of the continuum to another. The continuum of consciousness is not just
another theory, but a fact that each of us can observe and verify for ourselves.

Controlled out-of-body experiences give us the unique opportunity to explore the
continuum of energy firsthand. In a sense, our awareness is like a light that has the
natural ability to illuminate any portion of the universe. Wherever we focus our
light, that area of the universe (in the physical body or out) becomes conscious and
real to us.

All movement of consciousness is inward within the nonphysical interior of the
universe. The states of awareness we currently perceive are only a tiny fraction of
the whole. The continuum extends deep into nonphysical areas of the universe far
beyond our current physical comprehension.

The states of consciousness illustrated above are not the continuum itself but our
modes or methods of perceiving this continuum of consciousness. The various
states of consciousness, such as meditative, hypnagogic, and hypnotic, obviously
overlap and exist differently for different people. Meditative states, for example,
can extend over the entire spectrum of the consciousness continuum, but most
people experience only a peaceful state of relaxation occurring in the light alpha
range. The vast majority of those who practice meditation are not highly trained
yogic masters who can control and extend their awareness at will.

It is important to recognize that our individual states of consciousness exist as
perceptions or segments of a whole. This recognition is the first major step in
understanding the nonphysical essence and function of consciousness. Such an
understanding is critically important because all the mysteries of our existence and
the universe itself are related to consciousness. This will be confirmed in the near
future when it is discovered that our individual consciousness is a microcosm of the
universe itself. Dreams, out-of-body experiences, and near-death experiences are
the recognition of our awareness as we move beyond the physical viewpoint and
explore the nonphysical continuum of consciousness.

This concept of human consciousness moving through an unseen universe is gaining support.
Physicist and author Fred Alan Wolf postulates that lucid dreams are actually visits
to parallel universes. He has repeatedly stated that lucid dreams might better be
called “parallel universe awareness. The states of consciousness that we are
currently aware of are, I contend, but a tiny fraction of the continuum that we will
experience after we permanently shed our physical bodies. Each year millions of
near-death and out-of-body experiences provide convincing evidence that this is
true. Observations obtained when out-of-body show that our current concepts of
consciousness and awareness are severely limited.
Physical-based states of consciousness are relatively crude and encumbered when
compared with the nonphysical states. Once we transcend our biological vehicles, we are free to
experience the unlimited essence of our consciousness. This essence exists and
extends far beyond our imagination. The continuum of consciousness extends
inwardly to the very heart of the universe; unending levels and frequencies of
nonphysical life and realities exist just beyond the dense limits of our sight. Each of
us has much to look forward to: incredible worlds of beauty and light patiently
waiting for us to explore. To experience this ourselves, we must simply extend our
awareness beyond our physical body and explore our individual continuum of

Future Evolution

In the last few years of my nonphysical explorations, I’ve come to realize that the
more experienced and familiar we are with the nonphysical dimensions of the
universe, the more expansive are our choices after our physical death. The
nonphysical (spiritual) options available to us increase exponentially with our ability
to explore the source of all energy and life. This is more important than I can begin
to express. The vast majority of humanity dies in complete ignorance of its spiritual
existence. Even though many people possess firm religious beliefs, their firsthand
knowledge of their spiritual identity and their continuing existence after death is

 At the moment of death, they transfer their consciousness from their physical
body to their higher-frequency nonphysical form and are immediately met by their
passed-on loved ones and friends. Of course they’re thrilled to discover that they
continue to exist, and are overjoyed to be reunited with their loved ones. Over the
next few days and weeks they are reintegrated into a new vibrational reality and
begin to adapt and conform within their respective social groups. This collective
feeling of togetherness brings and holds millions of people together in magnificent
nonphysical consensus environments.

Different groups of people hold different concepts of heaven. For example, the
Islamic perspective differs from the Christian viewpoint. Keep in mind that the
nonphysical environments are thought-responsive; each major religion and social
group has created its own concept of heaven according to that group’s beliefs and
convictions. Many of these energy environments are extremely old and well
established by the collective consciousness of their inhabitants. As a result, the
heaven that each of us experiences after death is molded by the group
consciousness of its nonphysical inhabitants. Much as in the physical world, most
people are content to adapt to the consensus reality inhabited and created by their
friends and loved ones. And why not? It’s incredibly pleasant when compared to
matter. There are magnificent landscapes and environments to discover and
explore. All the most beautiful and inspiring sights of earth are available, plus much
more. Every tree and blade of grass radiate a vibrant spectrum of color that’s
beyond our imagination. Everything— plants, animals, the earth itself—is composed
of light. A matrix of thoughtresponsive energy manifests whatever the inhabitants
focus upon. It’s only natural that the inhabitants would conclude that this must be
the ultimate reality—heaven.

These magnificent nonphysical environments are assumed to be heaven, and
compared with physical existence, these consensus environments are heaven—they
are free of death, disease, decay, crime, and so on. There’s only one problem: the
vast majority of the nonphysical inhabitants (billions of them) are unaware that
other, even more magnificent energy dimensions exist just beyond the limits of
their nonphysical perception. These spectacular energy dimensions consist of
endless frequencies of pure energy and light, each more radiant than the last—a
progression of living light existing far beyond our frail concepts of form and
substance and continuing into the very heart of the multidimensional universe.

This information is important because the first step to expanding our awareness is
to recognize the various limits we place upon ourselves, both physically and
spiritually. This knowledge points out the need for all of us to extend our perception
and experience beyond the dense limits around us. Once we develop an ability to
explore beyond the boundaries of our bodies, we can implement the same ability in
our future existence within our nonphysical home.

Developing our ability to explore beyond the body has profound implications for all
of us. Our ability to experience the various nonphysical frequency levels of the
universe depends upon our personal ability to transcend our current energy limits.
In effect, once we learn to transcend our physical limits, we can use the same
ability after death to experience even greater regions of the universe. Currently
there are those who can raise their personal vibratory rate and explore multiple
dimensions of the universe. These unique individuals are not limited to a single
dimension or environment. The ability to explore beyond our current physical limits
is an essential element of our evolution from physically immersed creatures to
unlimited spiritual beings. Only by transcending our dense limits can we ever hope
to consciously express ourselves throughout the multidimensional universe. It is
our destiny to evolve to the point where all of us will have the ability to extend
ourselves, our consciousness, through the entire length and breadth of the
universe. All of us are interdimensional beings currently focusing our attention upon
a single dimension of energymatter.

Out-of-body and near-death experiences, dreams, altered states of consciousness,
even death itself are evidence of our multidimensional nature. Consciously
recognizing and personally experiencing our nonphysical nature is a major step in
our individual evolution. Eventually all of us will evolve to the point where we are
able to consciously experience and explore the entire universe. This will occur when
our species grows to recognize that we and the universe are the same—

After twenty years of personal out-of-body exploration, I am certain that we are
evolving through matter. We are using bio-logical life-forms as instruments of
expression. Our physical bodies are the tools we use for experience and growth.
Each birth (exploration) into matter furthers our progress by increasing our
experience. Every physical life-form is using and controlling a temporary biological
vehicle for its evolution. Like the proverbial butterfly, each living organism sheds its
temporary biological vehicle in order to continue its journey within the refined
energy levels of the multidimensional universe.

Evolution is much more than our eyes can see. It is the movement and change of
consciousness from the simpler, biological life-forms to the progressively more
complex and organized, nonphysical life-forms. Each life-form continues its
evolutionary journey within the multidimensional universe. Each continues to grow
and change, slowly learning and adapting to its new challenges and adventures, to
its new forms of expression. To truly comprehend evolution, we must explore and
observe the sub-structure of the universe: the nonmolecular energy structures and
systems that cause the physical changes we perceive around us.

Einstein’s Dream

The dream of Einstein and every other physicist has been to understand and
explain the structure of the universe. For many decades, physicists have hoped to
discover a single theory that explains and unites all energy, space, and time
concepts. This single unified theory is often referred to as grand unification.
Most physicists now believe that undiscovered energy reactions are occurring just
beyond our current technological vision. As modern science explored into the heart
of matter, an incredible discovery was made: elemental physical particles possess
no inherent material attributes or properties. The primary building blocks of matter
become progressively frequency-like. This discovery has far-reaching implications.
When we recognize the frequency-like nature of physical particles, the concepts of
multiple dimensions of energy are not as far-fetched as they may first appear. For
example, Newton’s classic experiment with the prism showed that visible light
contains different frequencies that appear as colors. The various light frequencies
exist together within the same space-time that we observe, yet each frequency of
light also exists completely separate from the others.

The electromagnetic wave spectrum displays an incredible array of radiation, from
gamma rays to long radio waves. Since different frequencies of energy coexist
within the same space-time that we occupy, why couldn’t entire energy
environments and possibly even worlds coexist with our visible physical universe?
This question is taken seriously by modern physicists around the world. Physicists
are now convinced that something of substantial proportion exists just beyond our
technological vision. This unseen and unexplored energy is thought to be the key to
understanding the structure of matter and the universe.

I believe that Einstein’s ultimate dream of grand unification can be realized by
developing new methods to explore and verify the reality of the multidimensional
universe. The scientific recognition of the multidimensional universe and the
continuum of consciousness is the primary missing element in our comprehension
of the unseen nature and structure of all energy throughout the universe. Grand
unification can be realized if modern physicists are willing to refocus their attention
from elementary particles to nonphysical wave function. This is not a dream but a
reality patiently waiting for our scientific perceptions to evolve beyond their current
obsession with physical particles.

The New Frontier of Science

In the twenty-first century, science will recognize that the answers to the elusive
physical mysteries of our existence—the cosmology of the universe, the unseen
nature and structure of matter, the evolution of our species, and even the existence
of life after death—can be found only by exploring the unseen substructure of the
universe. This recognition will be a major evolutionary step of science and a turning
point in human evolution. Slowly we will move from being an externally focused,
biological species to being an increasingly multidimensional species. This process of
change has already begun. Astrophysicists, quantum physicists, and particle
physicists are even now conducting extensive experiments that support the concept
of a multidimensional universe.

This trend will continue throughout the twenty-first century.
Once we begin to explore the interior of the universe, a new age of
scientific research and discovery will emerge. Modern science will expand its current
observations of matter and reality beyond all current concepts. Science will begin to
explore the unseen source of physical energy and matter. As we evolve, we will
begin to chart the unseen universe much as astronomers are now charting the
visible universe. The exploration of the interior of the universe is a massive
endeavor reaching far beyond our current intellectual concepts of time, space, and
energy. The exploration of the unseen dimensions is a task that all of us will
eventually confront, for it is our birthright and our destiny to explore beyond our
primitive biological vehicles and experience the magnificence of our true home
within the multidimensional universe.

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